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Catch us with the latest trends from fashion hiphop basketball.🏀.. its all football🏈 this season , red carpets in it Wow! You like speed? 😉its all horse power engine🚀,nutrition is no longer a disease,rap.

..entertainment.We gat you wrapped

its the XXL All Star Edition III

©xxlmag 2019

2nd March2019


Red Carpet

Lady Gaga at the Oscars

In celebration of A STAR IS BORN ENCORE official soundtrack on @amazonmusic for $2.99 today only! https://t.co/jTocmXj8ue

more issue@ https://t.co/xFdDPrqGIf

Miley Cryrus:Womens Cancer Research Fund Programm launch

A moment in my life I will never forget. My whole artistic journey flashed before my eyes. Thank you to the Academy and to the gentlemen who wrote and performed this song with me.

Photography📸 Mark Seliger, @VanityFair https://t.co/isLoIjLUGC


☑Who’s obsessed with this @katyperry + @Zedd video?

https://t.co/gnkSQttGKG https://t.co/7Lqb3YLpON

☑Check out @youtubemusic’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/youtubemusic/status/1096854886145232896?s=09



Our papparazzis will never let you loose…this style in a metalic coated with glimmers She always rock!!

Kanye West

A combination of colours!! Maybe call it rainbow…’em gold chains in a big hood…was he tryna be a boogie with the hood?? call his fashion champ cop…


Top tendings this week

Worlds itunes Song Chart 2019

.@rupaulsdragrace premier! So proud of every Queen! You have a story to tell , each of you … and we’re so near to listen , accept, and love you! Have a great season ladies! 📸 @Vijatmhttps://t.co/iKpQD0aGi6





its been friendship since those altimes in Heat… ball actually dont stop.. Lebron moved to the LA Lakers thia season will he help bring back those mamba glories with hia mates Lonzo ball and Rondo..

Go! Lakers Go!



.. girls have been the talk this season with more hits all girls… This XXL issue gat you going water🌊

its swim time🏊

be an exictment on the beach.. those pool parties,rock them… its the Sensentianal strip booties



Follow this link to get stormed on the latest tatoo trends all over..

Its the only thing you’ll take to the grave




Dietry is no longer a scam

Dish of see food is what you need this summer..Omega boosts you energy and IQ…those good nails and hair its the top secret



Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and we often think of it as celebrating romantic love in particular. But love comes in many forms, and can go in many directions. It can be difficult, joyful, painful, overwhelming, profound. Often, it walks hand in hand with loss.

The writers behind these posts show us different faces and thoughts about rommances

The world is scary as hell. Love anyway. We step across enemy lines and embrace those we fear.

1.“motherhood emerging,” tea & bannocc

2.“Partners in Crime: The Life, Loves & Nuyorican Noir of Jerry Rodriguez,” Longread

3.Preemptive Love

4.“When Love Wins,” The Untimely Gap Year

5.“Be First a Good Animal,” Meditatio Ephemera

6.“What He Left Behind,” Longreads

Have you read something about love recently that spoke to you? Please share!



teach your children the love for the gym and they wont have timeand money for drugs



WorldStar Hip Hop


For more on fashion




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